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Fall Candles (set of 6)

4 returning and two new fragrances for this year’s fall.

Each set comes with 6 of our 100 ml fall collection candles-

1. Fall Foliage -Aromatic, twirling leaves with hints of fig and bamboo

2. Pine Woods - Invigorating pine, elemis and Cypress; sappy notes of cedarwood, guaiac wood and fir; and lingering woody earthiness of patchouli, vetiver and musk

3. Pumpkin Spice - Cinnamon spiced pumpkin enveloped in creamy vanilla buttercream spiced with nutmeg and zesty Ginger

4. Amber Trail - Presenting Amber Trail, captivating fusion of vanilla, patchouli and wood. The harmonious blend of rich vanilla, earthy patchouli and the grounding, essense of wood creates an aromatic journey, reminiscent of a serene woodland, offering a comforting, inviting ambience where ever lit.

5. Leather Noir - The candle embodies the ruggedness of worn leather, Woodland, musk and a touch of nostalgia. Like an old library, book or a worn out leather jacket, elevating your space with allure

6. Wood Smoked Bourbon - Dark, ember notes of oak age bourbons spun gently with smoked vanilla bean, hickory, and touches of birch wood.

Fall Candles (set of 6)

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